Equipo Caofiori

We are an entrepreneurial team trained to offer the best chocolate in Colombia

We are Caofiori

We are Cristina and Monica, mom and daughter. We are motivated and excited to be part of the Colombians who believe in our land, our people and our farms. We created Caofiori with the aim of introducing to the world the flavor and quality of our agricultural products, especially chocolate made with fine cocoa with aroma and flavor. We invite you to discover and fall in love with the taste of our chocolates.🍫


100% Natural (without preservatives or artificial flavors)

100% Colombian

Intense and deep flavor.

Artisanal and fine chocolate

Social responsibility

Ideal for pairing and baking

Each gram of Caofiori Chocolate is cultivated by experts and processed through natural processes for its commercialization.

Our Chocolates

Nuestros Mercados

“Chocolate con cacao fino de aroma y sabor”
Origen Colombiano


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