We are a Colombian company that offers delicious fine chocolates highlighting the unique flavors from each region of our country. Let our chocolates introduce you to the passion and pride for our land and for our Colombian farmers.




When you combine our fine chocolates with Colombian coffee, you taste a similarity of notes and flavors that combine and contrast each other. The mixture of flavors creates a sensory experience where all the senses come into play.



The pairing between wine and chocolate creates the pleasure of combining notes of both flavors. It is the perfect balance between sweet, sour and acid so that subtle flavors emerge that seduce and stimulate your senses


Cakes made with fine Colombian cocoa allows for the creation of diverse new recipes with deep and long-lasting flavors. When baking, it acquires greater body, resistance and shine.

Our Chocolates


Arauca is a beautiful region of the Colombian plains with beautiful and hard-working people. It has an average temperature of 30º C, and fertile land ideal for growing cocoa, cassava, plantain, rice, fruit, among others.


On the northwest border with Panama, Chocó has a large Afro-Colombian population characterized by its happiness. Its lands have a diverse geography, unique ecosystems, and untapped natural resources. In addition, it has a rainy intertropical climate with an average temperature of 27ºC and they mainly produce coconut, cocoa, palm hearts, chontaduro and borojó, among other tropical fruits.


Meta is a region with passionate people proud of their land. It has clean water sourced from the Eastern Cordillera. Meta is part of the eastern plains of Colombia with some Andean mountain areas such as the well-known Serranía de la Macarena. It has a varied climate that ranges between 18º to 24º C depending on its proximity to the mountains. In the flat part it has a humid climate and a temperature higher than 24ºC. There are several protected national parks and the in this region typical crops include rice, banana, corn, cocoa, citrus fruits and tobacco.


Putumayo is located in the southwest of Colombia, in the Amazon region. As part of the Amazon, it is a region rich in biodiversity and forests. This is a rainy territory with an average temperature of 27ºC. In addition, it has indigenous reserves and natural parks. Its lands produce cocoa, cassava, sugar cane, banana, a variety of fruits, among other products.


Tumaco is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, it has festive and hardworking people from Afro-Colombian and indigenous Colombians. It has a humid tropical climate with an average temperature of 28º C. It has fertile lands ideal for growing cocoa, rice, African palm, among other products.


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