74% Cocoa Without Sugar



This chocolate is creamy in texture and is made with selected cocoa of a fine variety in aroma and flavor.

Acidity: Medium

Sweetened with Maltitol

The higher the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, the better its health benefits.

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Weight 40 g

74% de Cacao




40 Gr


This chocolate is made with Colombian cocoa from tropical regions with average temperatures of 28ºC.  This chocolate is sweetened with maltitol as a different alternative to all those who do not want to consume sugar.

¡Conoce la textura, aroma y sabor que evoca Colombia!


Dark chocolate (without milk).

Basic Ingredients: Cocoa mass, maltitol and emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).

Does not contain sugar, preservatives or dyes.


Our packages of 40 gr.

Presents the measures: 12.5 * 10 * 1 cm

This packaging is made with Cyclus Offset, a 100% recycled uncoated paper of authentic and unique whiteness.  Manufactured respecting environmental protection and sustainability.