Since our inception we have sought to offer the delight and love of dark chocolate that is
fine in aroma and flavor highlighting the unique flavors of each Colombian region. Our
chocolates invite you to experience the diversity and quality of our Colombian lands and farmers.

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In the union of dark chocolate with Colombian coffee it is important that there is a similarity in their notes and flavors, or a soft contrast that complements each other creating a unique sensory experience, where all the senses come into play.



The pairing of wines, distilled and fermented liquors with dark chocolate is the pleasure of combining in your mouth the attributes and notes of each one. combining in your mouth the attributes and notes of each one; it is also finding the balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity that between sweet, bitter and acid that awaken subtle flavors that seduce and stimulate your senses.


The Colombian dark chocolate made from 70% fine cocoa with aroma and flavor, allows you to create new healthy recipes with deep and long-lasting flavors, in addition to its properties and qualities that and qualities allow for greater body, resistance and shine.

Our Chocolates


Arauca is a beautiful region of the Colombian plains with beautiful and hardworking people. It has an average temperature of 30º C, its lands are fertile and ideal for cocoa, yucca, banana, rice, fruits, among others.


Chocó has a large Afro-Colombian population characterized by its joy. Its lands have a diverse geography, unique ecosystems and unexploited natural resources. It has a rainy intertropical climate and an average temperature of 27ºC. They produce cocoa, coconut, palm hearts, chontaduro and borojó, among other tropical fruits.


Meta is a region with hardworking people and proud of their land, is part of the eastern plains of Colombia with some mountainous areas such as the Serrania de la Macarena. It has a great wealth of water from the Eastern Cordillera and protected national parks. Its climate is varied, ranging from 18ª to 24ªC. They produce cocoa, rice, bananas, corn, citrus fruits and tobacco.


Putumayo is located in the southwest of Colombia in the Amazon region, which is rich in biodiversity, forests, natural parks and has indigenous reserves. It is a rainy territory with an average temperature of 27ºC. It is a large region of fertile land that produces cocoa, cassava, sugar cane, bananas, a variety of fruits, among other products.


Tumaco is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, it has a cheerful and hard-working people, originally from the Afro-descendants and indigenous Colombians. It has a humid tropical climate with an average temperature of 28º C. It has fertile land ideal for growing cocoa, rice, African palm among other products.

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